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Sweet and Sour Potted Meatballs

March 3, 2015

Two summers ago I bought myself a subscription to Saveur magazine. I enjoyed browsing through it, but most of the recipes either didn’t appeal to me upon reading through the ingredients/directions, or turned out to be duds. There also seemed to be a large percentage of articles about travel, whereas what I usually look for in a cooking magazine is good-sounding, well-tested recipes. And some pretty food photography. That’s it. I like the recipes themselves more than I like reading someone else’s story about their visit to the place of origin. :) So I let my subscription lapse. I can always browse recipes on their web site for free, and I don’t have to wade through ads or allow¬†paper magazines to pile up “just in case.”

However, this is one recipe of theirs that we really enjoyed. Classic Italian meatballs in savory tomato sauce are amazing, but sometimes it’s nice to mix it up a bit! The sauce is still tomato-based, but the lack of Italian herbs and the addition of brown sugar and sour salt/lemon juice take these in an entirely different direction. I found rice to be an interesting inclusion in the meat mixture – not something I ever would have thought of to use inside meatballs, but the texture works well! I’m also not positive where the “potted” part of the name comes from… usually “potted” refers to a way of preserving meat/food. I’m guessing it’s that the meatballs are braised¬†in the sauce rather than being fried/baked: “potted” like “pot roast,” maybe? A google search for “potted meatballs” indicates that this is primarily a Jewish technique for meatballs.

Either way, these were delicious, and really easy to make without using tons of dishes. Not quite quick enough to call it a weeknight meal, but I’d say not more than 45 minutes if you multitask the sauce and the meat. Enjoy!

Sweet and sour potted meatballs

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Cocktail Meatballs and Kielbasa

December 31, 2013

It’s been a month and a half since my last post… I suppose I could make an excuse for the silence, like the busy-ness of the holidays or some such. Honestly I’ve had the time to write, I just haven’t felt like I had much of anything interesting to say. I don’t know if it’s lingering effects of the mono, or just the fact that it’s so dark all the time, but I haven’t felt like doing much of anything lately. I’m hopeful that now that I’m finished with holiday obligations, I’ll be able to find a little more energy and motivations for the activities I enjoy. I’m certainly still cooking; we’ve got to eat! How about starting with some party appetizers?

My husband and I hosted our first Christmas open house party back in 2006, before we were even engaged. It’s become an annual tradition for us, and it quickly became one of my favorites. It’s the only time of year when we have a lot of people over at once (we’re usually the types to have one other couple over for dinner, very casual), and it’s a perfect excuse to make a ton of finger foods. Appetizers are some of my favorite foods to make, but since we rarely have dinner parties, I don’t have many occasions to serve them. I really should remedy that this coming year. In fact, I think I’ll make that my New Year’s resolution: host a more formal dinner party for 6 (or 8) twice in 2014.

These meatballs and kielbasa are perfect for an open house because they can be made ahead of time and kept warm in a slow cooker for the duration of the party. The recipe also makes a large quantity, so unless you have 50 people in your house, you’re not likely to run out. The sauce is sharp and tangy-sweet, a delicious mixture of ketchup, brown sugar, vinegar, mustard, and Worcestershire. These have been a bit hit for three years in a row, so I don’t have any plans to take them off the menu any time soon. Enjoy!

Cocktail meatballs and kielbasa

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