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Carolina Chicken Salad

February 18, 2015

I’m still alive! My new job (well, I’ve been at it for 6 months now, so I guess I can’t really call it “new” anymore) is awesome. However… there are always a lot of different projects going at once, and I have to juggle many different problem solving possibilities in my head at a time, so it’s much more work mentally than my old job ever was. Which means my brain starts to feel pretty “used up” by the end of the day and I really don’t feel like blogging or doing much of anything else that takes mental energy. I love the work though! I’m really glad I took the leap – my unique IT/pharmacy skill set is perfect for this position.

Another thing that been keeping the blog way down on the priority list is… pregnancy! Yes, my husband and I finally decided in the fall that it would be a good time to start trying to have our first child, and we were one of those lucky couples for whom it didn’t take much time at all! I’m currently 21 weeks along, and our daughter is expected to arrive end of June/beginning of July. So far everything has been going really well – I barely got any morning sickness (just a slight touch if I got hungry, but having a snack took care of that right away), and no weird cravings or food/smell aversions. The one symptom I did experience during the first 3 months was a lot of tiredness. Not really the “I can barely keep my eyes open and I’m going to take a 3 hour nap” type, but more the “I sat down and I don’t have the motivation/energy to ever get up” type. Very similar feeling to when I had mono in the fall of 2013, just without the fever and strep throat on top of it. :) I guess having mono was actually good preparation for first trimester of pregnancy!

Because of the pregnancy, I decided it wouldn’t be prudent to give up anything food-related for Lent this year. Instead, I’m giving up Facebook and reading fanfiction. Those are currently my two biggest time-sucking activities online, so I’m trying to put what energy I do have into things that are more productive, like finally updating this blog, for example!

So this recipe is a yummy one from my childhood. I would guess that my dad probably got it out of Gourmet magazine or Bon Appetit however many years ago. It’s a great weeknight all-in-one dinner salad, since it’s got plenty of veggies and protein, and doesn’t take too long to put together. The dressing is both tangy and sweet, and the olives add a nice briny touch. My parents would usually use leftover cooked chicken, but I’ve picked up a rotisserie chicken on the way home specifically to use for this recipe… fast and easy. It’s supposed to be garnished with tomato wedges too, but I didn’t have any on hand the day I took this photo and my husband doesn’t really like big chunks of tomato anyway. Enjoy!

Carolina chicken salad

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Poached Chicken with Tomatoes, Olives, and Green Beans

December 3, 2012

Probably best as a summer recipe with farm-fresh green beans and tomatoes, but hey, sometimes you have to buy veggies from the grocery store, right? :) This is an easy, healthy weeknight recipe that only takes about a half hour from start to finish. Normally the thought of boiled meat isn’t very appealing, but because the chicken is cooked in broth at a bare simmer, it stays tender and the flavor doesn’t leach out into the cooking liquid. Gourmet Today recommends serving this either warm or at room temperature rather than steaming hot; probably because letting it cool down for a few minutes once assembled allows the flavors to meld. The end result is a light, fresh, complete meal – perfect!

As you can see, my dog was quite interested in the plate I had on the table (she’s part poodle so she likes to stand up and walk around)! :)

Poached chicken with green beans

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Ciambotta (Italian Vegetable Stew)

October 17, 2012

This recipe was a fantastic way to use up a lot of different leftover vegetables that we got in our CSA bag in the last 2 weeks! I was initially just looking for recipes in Gourmet Today that called for eggplant, but this was even better – I also had leftover celery, carrots, zucchini, and red peppers in the fridge. I cheated a bit with the green beans and used frozen ones rather than buying fresh, but I doubt this made much of a difference. :)

Make sure you start the water boiling for the green beans right after the onions start cooking so that all the boiled vegetables will be done by the time you need to add them to the sauteed veggies.

As you can see in the picture, the stew is super thick… you can pretty much eat it with a fork! My husband’s comment upon tasting it was “who knew that something made with just a bunch of vegetables could taste so savory and hearty?” All you need is some crusty Italian bread and you have a light yet warming fall supper.

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