About me

I didn’t cook much when I was younger. Sure, I’d help my mom bake cookies or peel hard boiled eggs, but I don’t think I ever actually realized how much of a foodie house I grew up in until I moved out. You mean most families don’t have made-from-scratch meals every night? (Using lots of recipes from Gourmet magazine, of course.) Don’t all dads bake their own bread? (Kneaded by hand, no less.) Eating out isn’t a super-special treat reserved for important occasions? Don’t all kids like open-faced crab salad English muffin sandwiches?

Of course the answer is no, but when I did become responsible for procuring my own food, I immediately resolved against developing the habit of eating mostly convenience foods, with all the added HFCS and preservatives and whatnot. While I’m not the type to go on crusades against “chemicals” in my food and I’m not obsessed with all health food all the time (look at my desserts if you don’t believe me), I prefer to make my food from scratch whenever possible. I think having that sort of awareness is a good thing for my life and my health. I also found that I really love cooking and baking! Baking appeals to the precision-loving part of me, and cooking is all about the transformation. Taking simple ingredients and turning them into something amazingly delicious is a confidence boost every day, especially when I can share the results of my food transformation with family and friends.

So, my food philosophy. I’m not obsessed with counting calories, or carbs, or fats, or really any sort of numbers as relates to my cooking and eating. I try to follow Michael Pollan’s advice: “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.” More specifically, I’d add: Listen to your stomach and don’t eat out of boredom. Make refined sugars an indulgence and not an everyday habit. Try new things (in both eating and cooking) and don’t be afraid of mistakes. :)



  1. Hi Adrienne, I found you via the Trial & Error blogspot. I’ve made (and LOVED) the Cook’s Illustrated “Best Classic Brownies” in the past (the one cslling for cake flour) but can’t find it. would you possibly we willing to e-mail it to me? I’m a current Cook’s subscriber but I get the paper copy, not the on-line version. I appreciate any help you can offer. Barb

    • Sure, I would be happy to! :) What’s the best email address to reach you?

  2. Hey, Adrienne! I”m looking for a decadent, rich, heavy, creamy, melt in your mouth, chocolate cheesecake recipe – not like the cheesecake factory which are too light & just taste sugary – but really decadent & rich where you savor every nibble…I ate one like this once when I was tasting cakes for my wedding and unfortunately I couldn’t afford to have my wedding cake made by the baker (who I am now unable to find :( )…ugh. Any ideas/recipes?

    • Katya – I don’t make a lot of cheesecake, but I was looking through one of my cookbooks and I found a recipe that sounds like it would fit what you’re looking for! I’ll facebook message you. :)

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