Mayday Underground!

October 29, 2012

This coming Saturday (November 3rd), I will have a table in my third-ever craft show! This is the largest/most diverse one yet: the first was the Buffalo Small Press book fair, which was large but all book and printing related items, and the second was the Yard(s)Sale at the public market, which was very small.

Mayday Underground has been running twice a year for the past few years here in Rochester and I’m very happy to have been selected to participate! I’m also honored that one of my pictures was chosen to be on the advertising image (the skinny notebooks in the top right corner). :)

I’ve been working on some new book structures, and since the crochet skull motifs I made were popular at the Yard(s)Sale, I’ll have a bunch of those too. And Spirograph notecards, of course.

Please stop in and visit if you’re in the area on Saturday! And please share with all your friends/coworkers too. :)

Mayday Underground 2012

Crochet skulls

Secret Belgian binding with skull paper

Concertina with medical dictionary text

Langstitch und Kettenstitch

Burgundy Monster Bowl

Spirograph notecards

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