May 6, 2012

Every year for the past few years, the Rochester Contemporary Art Center has put on a benefit show to raise money for the center by soliciting artwork donations from all over the city (and the rest of the world). They sell them for $20 apiece on a first-come-first-served basis starting with the opening night in early June. The stipulation is that each piece be exactly 6″ x 6″ so they can be displayed on the walls in a grid format (and believe me, they cover every spare surface in the gallery!). There’s no restrictions on who can participate, so they get everything from mixed media 3D sculptures to photographs to drawings by little kids. The variety is what makes it such an awesome show; I highly recommend going just to browse, even if you don’t intend to buy a piece.

5 PM today is the deadline for turning in artwork for this year’s show. I’d sketched out some ideas when they initially put out the call for works several months ago; I finally finished my three pieces last night and dropped them off this afternoon! After a lot of agonizing over how to make all my ideas fit together cohesively into a series (bookbinding! crochet! decorative paper! felted objects!), I finally decided on the caterpillar (aka centipede) binding as the central element in each piece. No reason you have to use it to sew signatures together!

Centipede I

Centipede II

Centipede III

I’m looking forward to seeing them hanging on the wall at RoCo alongside all the other amazing artworks!

Centipede I detail

Centipede I detail

Centipede II detail

Centipede III detail


  1. Hi Adrienne! Do you have an email address we could use to send you some information about our upcoming 6x6x2014 exhibition? We really appreciate you sharing your previous experience with 6×6 on your blog.

    • Yes! It’s dolorous (at) gmail (dot) com. I’m hoping to have enough time this year to come up with a few pieces for the 6x6x2014 show. I meant to last year, but then I lost track of time. :) It was a really fun experience in 2012 though, definitely one of my favorite shows to attend too!

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