Itty bitty books

May 1, 2012

Since the book fair in March (which was super fun, even if I didn’t sell a whole lot), I’m feeling a bit of a creative slump. I get up in the morning, feeling super motivated to clean! and crochet! and make books! and then… I have to go to work. And then in the evenings I get home… and I just feel like taking a nap.

But! The weather was gorgeously sunny this past weekend, and I had Sunday afternoon free! So of course I… stayed indoors! But I didn’t take a nap.

I made some mini books! :)

Mini books

They’re one and a half inches tall. So tiny!

Mini books

The book on the left is 7 sheets bound as a one-section five-hole softcover pamphlet. The book on the right is a 7-section one-needle coptic binding; each section has 3 sheets. These were so much fun to put together… I think I do better when I’m just messing around!

Mini books

One of my coworkers and I have been taking about a collaboration incorporating her metalwork with my crochet (and maybe some mini books) for some of the pieces she’ll have at the Clothesline Fest later this year. She likes skull and Dia de los Muertes motifs so I’m going to give these mini books to her and see what she thinks!

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